Course Information:

Learn how to use Snapchat in your overall social media marketing strategy. Discover ways to enhance your brand, recruit new customers and engage your current fan base.

Expected Outcomes Include:

  • Understanding what Snapchat is and how to use it
  • Installing The App & Signing Up
  • Learning the different Snapchat features
  • Discovering why you should use Snapchat for Marketing
  • Building your Snapchat fanbase
  • Leveraging Snap analytics
  • Integrating Snapchat into your overall social marketing strategy

I am kani bassey

Marketing & Social Media Instructor

Kani Bassey

Kani Bassey is a marketing professional with over years of professional experience in public relations and marketing. She manages the social media platforms for the largest community college in Maryland and teaching social media marketing ourses online and Face to FaceKani's proven track record has been marked by successful social media implementation for the largest community college in   Maryland,   along   with   the   launch   of   the   college's   new   mascot,   colors,   and   logo,  steps   towards   the implementation of a new college brand! Kani holds a master’s degree in Management – Public Relations and is currently completing her Doctorate of Education. She is a Certified Social Media Strategist and  has won several Communicator and Telly Awards for several marketing and advertising campaigns.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Social Media Marketing: Snapchat

    • Social Media Marketing: Snapchat

  • 2

    Installing the App & Signing Up

    • Where Do I Find the Snapchat App?

  • 3

    Understanding Snapchat

    • What is Snapchat?

    • Snaptastic Terms

    • Learn to Snap Safely

    • Quiz: Snapchat Basics

  • 4

    Learning about Snapchat's features

    • Features

    • Snapchat Geofilters

    • Your Snapcode

    • How Snap Map Works

    • Snapchat Business Manager

  • 5

    Why you should use Snapchat in your overall marketing strategy?

    • You will reach a unique audience

    • Lots of ways to advertise your product and market your brand!

    • Best Practices for your Snapchat Ads

    • Quiz: Snapchat as a marketing tool

  • 6

    Snap Analytics

    • Snap Ad: Delivery Metrics

    • Snap Ad: Spend Metrics

    • Snap Ad: Attachment Metrics

    • Snap Ad: App Install Metrics

    • Snap Ad: Long Form Metrics

    • Accessing your Analytics

  • 7

    Integrating Snapchat into your overall social marketing strategy

    • Your Strategy

    • Did you Know?

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